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Grade 6

Class of 2019!

Welcome to Grade 6 for 2019.
The grade 6 teachers for this year are Miss Sara MacKinnon (Team Leader), Ms Georgina Ivanoff and Ms Kellie Fenton.
We are looking forward to a great year!

Term 3

Term 2

Term 1

Grade 6 is an incredibly busy year. Students study a range of inquiry units where they are given the opportunity to work collaboratively in order to gain an understanding of a variety of topics. This helps our students develop negotiation skills and allows them the chance to work co-operatively with their peers. The units covered include sustainability, disasters, government and space. Projects and creative tasks are part of the requirements allowing students to demonstrate a range of skills.

Leadership is also a major focus for this year level. School captains and vice captains are chosen by staff at the end of Grade 5; students then have the opportunity to take on a range of positions such as house and vice-house captains, performing arts captains, library captains and peer support leaders. The children are also trained as peer mediators, which is a role they perform for the first three terms of the year.

During fourth term, students spend a great deal of time preparing for graduation. Skills in public speaking and the performing arts are developed at this time.

To complement the literacy, mathematics and science curriculum, students are given the opportunity to participate in Maths Talent Quest, Premiers’ Reading Challenge and ICAS competitions.

Students also attend a week long outdoor adventure camp which is considered a highlight by the children. They participate in a range of activities such as canoeing and archery and are able to demonstrate independence and initiative.

Many sports days are included in the year. These include round robin days where the children are able to select from a range of sports, house sports, tabloid, sports, cross country, athletics and swimming.

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