We are strongly committed to building strong relationships with everyone in our school community.  We want all parent and families to feel welcome and connected to their child's learning.  We are an approachable and open staff who value communication with all of our families.

We encourage you to be as involved as you can be in your child's education.  It is wonderful for children to see their parents at our school in a number of ways - such efforts build mutual respect and understanding as to what is happening in your child's day.

These are some of the ways you may choose to be involved at school:

  • Helping out in classrooms with reading and other activities

  • School Council and associated committees

  • Parent Teachers and Friends Group

  • Special events and activity days e.g. Athletics days

  • School camps and excursions

Please ensure your COMPASS details are correct and that you have downloaded the Flexibuzz app on your phone.



Term 1

29th January – Friday 5th April 2.30pm

*Students first day is Thursday 31st January


Term 2

 23rd April – 28th June


Term 3

15th July - 20th September


Term 4

7th October – 20th December


The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students. Each year government schools are provided with four student-free days for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development, and student assessment and reporting purposes. The remaining three student-free days are determined by the school.

Our Curriculum days for 2019 are:

Term 1: Tuesday 29th January

Term 1: Wednesday 30th January  (Planning for 2019)

Term 3: Friday 9th of August and Tuesday 10th September (students attend 3-Way Conference Appointment only)

Students do not attend school on these Curriculum days. Working parents have the opportunity to use the Out of School Hours Care Program at St.Lukes Primary school (adjacent to our oval boundary) Phone : 9801 0841

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