Prep is a fantastic year full of excitement and learning!

We are an enthusiastic team who are excited to guide your child in their first year of school. We aim to help our students become respectful, resilient and responsible citizens of the community.

We highlight the importance of your child settling in to school by incorporating our whole school 'Play is the Way' program, which focuses on children's social and emotional wellbeing. We aim to create a happy and positive learning environment for your child.

Play is the Way Values

Treat others as you would like to be treated - Be Kind

Have Reasons for the Things you Say and Do - Think Before you Act and make good choices

It Takes Great Strength to be sensible

Be Brave - Participate to progress


We can't wait for an exciting first year of school!


Mrs Lauren Prudden, Miss Kate Gardner, Mrs Ye Jeffries, Mr Jake Uwland





We also have many special events throughout the year to look forward to which include:

Term 1

We start school!

We meet our buddies

Attend specialist programs (Art, Music, Spanish, P.E)

Grandparent’s Day

Community Night






Term 2

Teddy Bear Night



Mother’s Day Celebration                  


Term 3

100 Days of School Celebration

Father’s Day Celebration

Puffing Billy Excursion

Footy Day


Term 4



Christmas Performance

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