Grade 4 at Regency Park PS

Grade 4 at Regency Park Primary School is an engaging time for students as they develop greater levels of independent learning.  Students are encouraged and supported in becoming more responsible for their own learning and achieving desired outcomes, with an emphasis on aiming for ‘personal best’ at all times.  They participate in a range of co-curricular activities which not only supports their academic development, but also their social and emotional well-being.

Teachers and support staff are dedicated to providing curriculum which caters to the needs and abilities of all students.  Through our Literacy programs students develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, learning to think critically and use the relationship between all three strands.

Numeracy in Grade 4 continues to develop and increase their skills and understanding in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability, through hands-on, open-ended tasks catering to individual needs.

Students explore themes and develop understanding in the areas of Australia’s history, Science and environmental topics as part of our Integrated Studies units through research projects and an integrated approach.  They are encouraged to develop goals for their learning and track their progress, striving to improve in a targeted area.

Some of the valuable co-curricular learning experiences Grade 4 students participate in throughout the year include:

·         Accessing a range of technology, including iPads in every classroom and a bank of student laptop computers, allowing students to use technology as a tool for learning and build skills they will no doubt need in the future.

·         Grade 4 students take on the role of Reading Buddies to the Grade 1 students. They meet with their buddies each week, sharing a time of reading, discussion and word games.

·         Continuing to improve their writing in the Victorian Cursive style and achieving their pen licence.

·         A School Production every second year, in which students perform songs and dance choreography.

·     Performing on many occasions and to a variety of audiences as part of Grade 3/4 choir, including performances for the community at Salford Park Community Village.

·         A three-day outdoor adventure camp at Phillip Island.

·         Participating in excursions and incursions designed to support and extend a particular curriculum focus and provide students with experiences they may not otherwise have.

·         The school Swimming Program at Knox Leisureworks which runs for 2 weeks and teaches students important water safety skills, as well as building their swimming ability.

·         Grade 4 sport where students work on interpersonal and sporting skills through playing a range of sports. Grade 4 students are elected as captains and vice captains of their houses throughout the year.

·         Students participate in the School House Sports for athletics and cross country, and some selected students, may also represent Regency Park PS at interschool sports events for athletics and cross country.

·         Using a diary to record important dates and details. This also becomes an excellent way to maintain regular contact between home and school.

Overall we look forward to further developing the skill levels of our Grade 4 students throughout a great year, where students continue to grow in confidence and to progress towards becoming greater independent learners.

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