Literacy Support:

Junior students from Grades Prep, 1, 2 and 3 are selected for the program based on individual measures of assessment and teacher judgement. Their classroom literacy program is then supplemented with small group sessions aimed at building reading and writing skills. Mrs Krawcyzk leads this important support program.

The lessons consist of a variety of reading and writing experiences designed to help children develop effective reading and writing strategies. The program continues until the child can read within or above the class average and has demonstrated the use of independent reading and writing strategies.



Quicksmart is an intensive numeracy support program for students in Grade 4. Students are withdrawn from class in pairs 3 times per week for a 30 minute lesson. The program is positive, motivating and achieves success in students acquiring basic numeracy skills. It’s main focus is the quick recall of number facts.


Maths Talent Quest:

Selected students or a class may elect to participate in the Maths Talent Quest (MTQ. )It is an annual event open to all primary and secondary students of Victoria. The Maths Talent Quest aims to promote interest in mathematics and foster positive attitudes amongst students, teachers and parents.

The focus of the Maths Talent Quest is on the process of mathematical investigations.

Looking at real life situations and finding that mathematics is everywhere helps capture the imagination of both teachers and students alike. The Maths Talent Quest allows students to investigate mathematics on an individual, group or class basis with the opportunity to have fun exploring mathematics in real life situations.


This external program is offered to capable students in a variety of curriculum areas. Students  work with ‘like minds’ on a range of team challenges. Strong emphasis is placed on creativity, lateral thinking and problem solving skills.


International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

Students from Grade 3 – 6 are able to participate in a range of these competitions, including Maths, Reading, Computer, Science, Writing and Spelling.

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