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Welcome to Grade 5 for 2017.  We are looking forward to a great year.  
This year's classes are 4/5W with Mr. Walton, 5M with Miss MacKinnon, 5T with Mr. Torney and 5/6B with Mrs Brodie.  

Throughout this year the Grade 5 students will be covering many different Integrated Studies units of work which incorporates all curriculum areas. Our topics for this year include Social Justice, Sustainability, Community and Creativity. 

Maths is a focus with an emphasis not only learning the main processes but also allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of this knowledge in open-ended and challenging tasks.

English involves the development of writing structures, reading strategies and spelling skills.

ICT with netbooks and iPads is incorporated in the daily learning of the students.

Interschool sports are held throughout the year with our students representing Regency Park PS at various sporting endeavours.

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