Regency Park PS offers a wonderful array of programs and learning opportunities across many areas:


  •   Biennial Musical Production and Wakakirri Story Dance (4-6)
  •   Early Intervention Programs (Literacy/Numeracy)
  •   Reading Recovery
  •   Annual Christmas Concert
  •   International School to School Exchange Program
  •   Civics and Citizenship
  •   Family Life education
  •    Buddy Program with our Prep and Grade 5 students
  •   “Reading Rocks” with Grade 1 and Grade 4 students
  •   Student Representative Council
  •   Intra and Interschool sport (Years 5 and 6)
  •   Intensive Swim and Survive Program
  •   School Camps, excursions and in-school activities
  •   Developing fundamental motor skills as part of PE in the Junior classes -to develop coordination and motor   skills (PMP)
  •   Computers/ Laptops/Ipads
  •   English as an Additional Language
  •   Enrichment and extension programs, including Maths Talent Quest and Gateways
  •   Student leadership
  •   Peer support and Peer Mediation program
  •   A range of lunchtime clubs including robotics, gardening, ICT, lego and sport
  • After school musical instrument lessons
  • Chess lessons at lunchtime